I’M STILL GRINDING || Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech

I’m, going to tell you exactly how i am get off your ass and get out there and sell something. You know a lot of people look for mentors thinking they’re, going to tell me the shortcut it doesn’t work.

That way i still grind. I love to grind. If you’re competing in one of my businesses, i’m. Going to kick your ass cause. I’m going to outgrind you, people quitting chargebacks flunking the exam that’s all going to happen.

Just get ready if you’re an entrepreneur, and you want to do something great. You’re, going to have false start after false start. False start after false start get it going. Then you don’t, get it going.

Then you don’t your group grows, then it shrinks. I’m telling you right now just know that gonna make some money. Then you’re, not being an entrepreneur. Tons of false starts tons of setbacks, but see a guy.

Like me, i knew someone was better than me. There’s, more talented people than me, probably more talented than you, but, like my dad said, the best ability is availability. You might outwork me for 30 days or 60 days or 90 days, but you ain’t.

Gon na beat me over a year. You can’t outwork me over two years. You’re gonna work me over three years. I’m gonna get you eventually. I’m, a dripping, damn faucet, i just keep coming at you just like you could be right.

I am a big believer that if you’re going all out, you are grinding it out. You leave it on the field. I’m, telling you right now monday through friday. If i am awake, i am working or working out period.

Keep coming, you might think, i’m knocked out. I just keep coming. I’m too. Damn tough to give up most people half-ass half their life all the time i knew they were going to get tired. They were going to flinch.

They were going to get down, they may not quit, they might see the letter they quit getting wide. They quit recruiting people, they quit improving themselves, they start sleeping in. They spend all their damn money.

I’m, not gonna. Do that stuff. I’m gonna save money. I’m gonna get up early. I’m gonna keep getting wide. I’m gonna stay relentless just like you should don’t give in to that stuff. Don’t give in to the fears don’t give in to the setbacks.

You’re gonna have failure. It’s, part of the game. We will relentlessly pursue perfection, we won’t catch it, but in our quest we will catch excellence and see in life. I believe that’s, what separates the people that go do something great is that they relentlessly pursue perfection.

They beat themselves up every day when they’re, not perfect. You think in basketball, everybody’s, got a god-given talent. Do you think steph curry can jump like lebron, james or vince carter? I would say: vince carter’s got god-given abilities.

I don’t know if steph curry’s got the same kind of god-given abilities as lebron or vince carter, or any of these guys in baseball. You think everybody’s got this perfect. 20 20 vision, like ted williams, had it’s, a lot of guys that hit a wall that they had to overcome a lot of guys that have to play triple a for a couple years before somebody picked them up a lot of them.

So is in business, but no matter what you’re, doing, anticipate the wall. You’re, going to hit it and in those moments whatever you tell yourself. If you convince yourself that the difficulty you’re facing is harder than everybody else’s and you buy it, you will stay where you’re at.

But if you convince yourself that whatever you all you’ve hit, other people have overcome it, and so can you you go through that wall as well. At the end of the day, when you relentlessly pursue perfection, you’ll catch excellence.

We’re all in a battle with our own brains, that’s, life that’s all life. Is it’s? The most powerful thing in the world is your own brain. It can work for you or against you, and when did you start to realize that the visualization could work for you and, as opposed to focusing on all those bad things that happened? All the things you didn’t have the people that called you names all the stuff from brazil indiana and you started thinking wait a second.

I just visualized this and now i can take it to the next level next level, because the visualization got you through the seal training. I think it did and i was able to visualize the end so before so when i was 297 and i was all fat and out of shape, i couldn’t, run a quarter mile and i was drinking milkshakes and eating boxes of donuts.

I visualized man, how would it feel so after i watched that show on discovery channel? For a brief moment, i was so. There was 22 guys that graduated. I watched this segment on tv about these guys going through navy still training and i couldn’t.

Even i i wanted a great swimmer. I was afraid of the water, all this crap man and um. I saw these guys just quitting, but at the very end it says 22 guys there’s command officers up there and it gives this great speech.

I was like man, i wonder so. I started visualizing me being the 23rd guy in these dress. Whites sitting there with these guys getting that navy seal. You know graduating this navy seal training. I was like god, so i put myself there.

I was like man that’s, an amazing feeling i put myself there at 297, not even able to do anything that these great men were doing. I said man if i could feel that that would change my life. If i could just feel that one it lasts for one second, you get that certificate.

You walk across the stage and what’s next, but i didn’t know that then my mind wasn’t. I thought i’d, live in that moment forever, so i said wow man, if i could just feel like them, if i could feel like them and what was that feeling you wanted so bad respect, accomplishment victory.

I wanted to win not like beat somebody else. It wasn’t about that. I i just wanted to go the distance everything in my life when something got hard. I quit if it was reading that’s, why you know i wasn’t great at reading.

I wasn’t great at writing. So i just quit. I couldn’t catch on as fast as you. I had to work harder than you, so i quit you know i wasn’t great at things, so i quit. You know i’m. I’m, not good at this, like man.

If i could just go that distance that extra mile to just go just to finish, i want to finish, i want to feel victory and victory for me. Wasn’t winning. It was just finishing so i said you know what, if i could feel like these guys feel it would change my life, but what i realized, the best feeling i had was when i was by myself, trying to lose this weight.

I had to lose it in literally less than three months 106 pounds less than three months and literally i started feeling victory just by putting myself in the battle it wasn’t about going to navy seal training.

It wasn’t about being the 23rd guy in that chair. I started realizing man just by going to war with myself every day and putting these challenges and these goals and these obstacles these insurmountable obstacles.

So what about losing 106 pounds me losing five pounds was an accomplishment me losing 10 pounds and then 50 pounds and the more i did the more i gained confidence and then the more i gained confidence.

The more i realized these navy seals man. These guys can’t. Do what i’m doing right now. I had no coach had no trainer had no money, i didn’t know how to lose weight. I had no knowledge of what i was doing.

I was just working, i was just sacrificing and then through that all these different tools started coming up, but i would have never found these tools. If i didn’t put myself in a very uncomfortable place, we all look for toughness.

We all want it, but we look for in a comfortable environment. You will not find toughness in a comfortable environment. Those of you who are listening to this. Whoever hear this you will not find it. I was trying to look for it everywhere.

The only way you find it is to drown yourself in a position where you’re, just out of sorts where you can’t swim and you’re drowning. Where you’re drowning. You’re drowning in life, but you say you know what ma & # 39.

Am [ __ ] that i’m gonna figure out how to backstroke or something i’m gonna figure out how to and then you, through figuring out all these tools. Your mind starts to when you quit your mind. Does this because you’re out once you say i’m not going to quit.

This is the 40. When you quit your mind, says we’re done, so it doesn’t, expand there’s, no expansion. When you quit, when you say [, __ ], you uh-uh this sucks, i’m drowning. I’m miserable. I’m suffering.

I’m broken, but i’m, not going anywhere. What happens to your mind? Is it does this? It says he’s, not leaving. So we got to expand, we got to grow, we got to figure this [ __ ] thing out. So then these compartments in your brain start to have.

They have to work, they have to work, and then you start to engage parts of your mind that you never engaged before, but you can’t, engage it by sitting back in these nice chairs drinking this nice water.

Talking to you talking about what i want to do, that’s where so that’s, where the 40 thing comes in it comes in when you’re in suffer mode, and you say i’m, not Going to quit, you’re, forcing your brain now to operate on a level it’s not used to one of the great sources of inspiration is progressing once you’ve gotten started now.

You proceed you progress. Now you go to class the second week you go to class the third week, but it’s, not only progressing in terms of time. It’s progressing in terms of what you’re learning progressing in terms of getting the information that you hadn’t discovered before now.

You’re excited about that progress. One of the greatest sources of inspiration is progress. When you start jogging around the block and uh, you know at first it’s a little difficult and then it’s two blocks, and then you go around four or five times, but then you know to notice your breathing easier.

You notice, when you go up a flight of stairs, you’re, not out of breath, and it suddenly occurs to you in a fairly short period of time. You’re, making progress having more oxygen in your lungs. You can tell, within a short period of time i’m, making progress on my my oxygen supply.

I’m making progress on losing weight. Then, when you start making progress in your business, your ability to make contacts your ability to talk to people being so shy, you decided one day: hey, i’ve. Had enough with being too shy, i’ve made the decision i’m, making some plans.

I’m, going to begin talking to people, and you start and at first it’s difficult, but then very quickly and it doesn’t. Take a year. I’m telling you it doesn’t take a month. It doesn’t take a week. I promise you, even though you’re, a little bit shy if you & # 39.

Ll just start to introduce yourself if you’ll just start to talk to someone you’ve, never talked to before just get started. I promise you in a fairly short period of time, because two things are happening.

One is deciding to overcome a liability, but also understanding that, with this new skill, now with this new ability and with my progress, no telling what i can accomplish, because if i can get over the fear of talking to one, i can get over the fear of Talking to number 10 number 50 number 100, and by the time i get to number 50 and number 100, my self-confidence is going to be so strong.

My self-esteem is going to be so high. My new skill is going to show such incredible progress that i will never look back on the old ways, so what an incredible source of of inspiration progressing, i jotted this down happiness.

Unhappiness is simply the lack of progress toward a preset goal. If you’re, not making progress, see that’s when unhappiness sets in, but here’s where happiness begins, making progressive progress, you don’t have to arrive all at once.

You don’t. Have to have it immediately, but as long as you’re, making progress as long as progress is part of your experience. Now it is a fantastic source of inspiration. Now, here’s, the next one source of inspiration – and that is achieving when you finally have arrived at that goal that you set.

I want to have this much experience and be able to do this by 30 days from now 60 days. From now six months from now and finally that six months passes and there you are finally, the time passes and you have it.

Finally, the time passes and the skill is now beginning to be polished, and it is so unique and effective. Achieving is an incredible source of inspiration, but here’s. What we notice, when you do achieve what it, whatever you set out in the beginning where you decided and planned, and you got started, and you progressed when you finally achieve that achievement, is not much more inspiration than when you decided it’s.

A different kind of inspiration: it’s, a different kind of feeling to having arrived. Knowing that you’ve got many other objectives to accomplish many other places. You want to go things you want to do the person you want to become, but at least i’ve got this one.

You know i’ve done this. I remember what way back when i wanted to do the training and i wanted to do teaching. I would like to do seminars because i saw people that had such a magnificent effect on their audience.

They used the language to such a an unbelievable degree. I could tell that something was mixed from their heart and their soul and their mind and their vocabulary, and this mixture of stuff together presented to someone’s, ears, to hear and a heart, maybe to believe and a mind to understand that the most Incredible magic could occur.

I thought to myself if i could possibly do that it would be the greatest feeling in the world.

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