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Connie Ragen Green Shares Her Journey

I first saw Connie Ragen Green at the Big Seminar in Las Vegas in 2009 where she won 1st place in the better your best contest and $25,000. That got my attention as there was stiff competition. I next met Connie at the Online Revenue Workshop in January, 2010 where she was a co-host and speaker, her presentation and speaking skill were improving by leaps and bounds. I have had help from many people, but Connie stands out the most, because she simplifies things for seniors like me.


I have taken many online courses and attended many webinars from her ever since. I just finished
The Internet Marketing Six Pack

Connie Ragen Green has been online since the end of 2005. A former classroom teacher and real estate broker/residential appraiser, she left it all behind in search of a way to make a living from her home computer doing something she loved.

She has succeeded far beyond her wildest dreams and has helped myself and many others along the way. If you want factual and effective instruction in a straight forward format you should checkout Connie’s Really Simple Programs below the video



I like her Really Simple line of courses, as they are Simple and current courses and are a good match-up for Seniors
Really Simple Content Marketing
Really Simple Affiliate Marketing

Really Simple Info Products
Really Simple List Buidling

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