Boost Your Income Using PLR

In this video, i'm, going to show you how to boost your income using plr on Q&A sites by giving away free reports, quick tips in videos and offline marketing. 

PLR (private label rights) can be used as content on your blog or sold. As your own product, there are several other ways you can make the plr content work for you, plr can be used in different ways to generate an income online.

I am going to show you four ways. You can boost your income indirectly with plr

* Number one question and answer sites. 

There are many question answer sites such as and yahoo answers. These are active sites with thousands of users.
Posting questions daily. One way to drive traffic to your own web properties will be to answer questions that the people post on these sites always include a link in your profile back to your own blog or products.

So where do you get content to answer these questions? Plr? Of course, you just need to find plr articles that contain information which answers these questions. Then it's, just a matter of posting the content.

As long as your answers are relevant, you will get their attention

* number two giveaway reports.

Plr reports can be converted into pdfs, then give away on file sharing sites, forums and facebook groups.

You must always appear to be helping the audience. Forums and groups tend to frown on marketers who offer a free gift, but use an opt-in page to capture emails. You'll, look like you're just using the group or form for your own benefit, which uh you actually are.

This will either get you a warning or you'll, get booted out of the community.

The best way to go about this is to give your report away with no strings attached no opt-ins, but here's. What you do, you will add a link to your website at the bottom of every page.

In your report, you'll, also insert affiliate links throughout the report. This will help you get passive sales.

At the end of the report, you  have links to two or three other free reports, guess what they'll need to opt in to get these reports.

Now you don't have to play by the group's rules because the links are in your own pdfs

* number three quick tips:

B​​​​reak your plr content down into bite, size, quick tips, convert these tips into short videos, post videos on facebook and youtube.

Also on your website and blog people who find your quick tips will look for you through the links in your video

* number. four offline marketing

offline marketing can be used for lead generation or to drive traffic, convert plr articles into short, catchy content pieces.

You can either convert them into infographics or use them on flyers, pamphlets, brochures etc.
For example, if you own a pharmacy printing out a plr article on the benefits of a vitamin with an image of vitamin d supplements, you are selling in your pharmacy will help you to educate the customer and convert potential buyers into paying customers.

These four methods are just a few of the many ways plr can be harnessed for your marketing online and offline thinking out of the box will allow you to tap into the sheer versatility of plr and how useful plr can be for your business.

Now in this video i have shown you how to boost your income using plr by alternative methods and things like Q&A sites like quora.

There are thousands of people asking questions and if you have some plr on that, will enlighten those people on that question.

You have a big opportunity there. You can make giveaway reports using your pr. You can use quick tip videos by making videos using your prr and offline marketing.

 I think this is a real opportunity for a lot of people, because you can use your por to enhance your contact with your customers and create more buyers.

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