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50 is the new 30

Boomers are living three decades longer than a century ago, the last recession caused many baby boomer to lose their jobs, houses, and they were forced into an early retirement or laid off

t.  The recession also forced many boomers into entrepreneurship. Age discrimination made the prospects being hired, very slim so again we have the reluctant entrepreneur. The boredom of an early retirement also came into play as well as the fear of running out of money or as they say outliving your money.

The baby boomers do control 70% of the nations disposable income. Boomers have extra cash from years of saving and investing. 99% of boomers planned to travel in 2014. Boomers spend money on health and wellness, with alternative health being the main focus. Boomers are also investing in their homes rather that buying new ones giving a real boost the home improvement industry.

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