About Dale Lars Anderson

400-cbh-smile-daleI have been marketing my products and services online since 1998. I have taught in public schools as well as conducting seminars and training for an electronics firm where I spent over 20 years as a customer service engineer and CAD system supervisor.

I then started my own horse business which led me to start selling my horse services and horses online. Marketing online allowed me to sell my horses nationwide from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It allowed me to sell even when the local economy was down as I had that nationwide reach on the internet. I also sold horses, tack, and saddles for others locally as well as for online tack shops.

I retired and moved to Texas a couple years ago and decided to branch out and help my fellow senior citizens and baby boomers supplement their retirement by starting their own small business online. I can guide you past the hazards that threaten your success and show you what works and what is a waste of time.

Because I have experienced many of the same issues that occur because of injury and aging, I have developed tools to work around them, I use a lot of cheat sheets, software, and organize my life to maximize my assets and workaround my deficiencies. I would be glad to show you some of them.


Dale Lars Anderson